Michael (nebula31) wrote in vineland,

Romanelli 2000 Chianti Riserva

After work I stopped at a local liquor store out of curiosity to browse their selection of Italian wines. It was pretty sparse, but I did pick up a 2000 Romanelli Chianti Riserva for $7.99. It seems like most Riservas I've seen have been priced in the $12.00 and up range.

When I got home I Googled for reviews and didn't find many. Is it simply a wine made following the Riserva requirements, but not of high quality? It says "Bottled by Chianti Trabusti s.r.l., Firenze, Italy", but I haven't heard of them. I Googled them also, but the sell wine under a different label.

I was also surprised to find it on the wine list of a California restaurant at $34.00 per bottle:

ROMANELLI Toscana, Riserva '00 $34.00 (glass $8.50)

I realize that restaurants frequently price bottles higher, but that seems like a huge difference. Any ideas?
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