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I hope this is the right place to post this, but seeing as though you all are wine lovers I guess you will probably be able to help.

I am a Business Studies student currently doing a marketing assesment. It has to be a marketing plan specifically from Fosters perspective developing a new wine product for the US market. It is particularly difficult for me seeing as though I dont drink wine and am from Australia.

This is where you guys come in. It doesnt matter what age you are, just as long as you are from the US. I would appreciate it so much if you could just tell me a little bit about what you know, or fill out these few questions behind the cut. I really need this info for my research and possibly appendix, and would appreciate it so much!

1. Name: (You dont have to give your name if you dont want to)
2. Age:
3. Sex:
4. State:
5. Which social groups tend to drink wine?
6. Is is popular in the youth market to drink wine (21-27yo)?
7. If there was a pink wine for the youth market with health benefits, lower alcohol and sweet tasting, would you buy it?
8. What food might be popular at the moment? (i.e. Is there a trend to eat sushi or be a vegetarian, etc. This may help with me chosing a wine to suit the food)
9. Is Fosters a recognised brand there?
10. What is the average price you would pay for a premium wine?
11. Anything else you might know about the US wine market:
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