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help the noob

I'm looking for a good, cheap wine ($15 or less thereabouts) to serve with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner -- but I'm really inexperienced when it comes to understanding and choosing wines. I'm looking at two wines in particular: Bernard Griffin 2001 Merlot and Masi 1999 Campofiorin Ripasso. What do you think? Good, bad match w/ turkey? Personal experiences? Will I be able to find either of these, or similar wines, in my local grocery store? (There's no way I'm setting foot in a wine shop. Imagine my noob shame!)

Am I on the wrong path altogether here, or what? :)
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Hello!!!! Nothing to be nervous about with stepping into a wine shop. Most people who work at the good ones love wine, and love talking about it - plus they remember back when they were new to it all.

The Campofiorin is a great wine, really really lovely. I'm not sure how well it would go with turkey though. Turkey generally calls for a white wine - a sauvignon blanc is a great match, especially a Loire (France) or South Island (New Zealand).

If you have to go with a Red, try the Masi Valpolicella. Its very similar to the Campofiorin (made with the same grapes, by the same people) but is lighter flavoured, and has a touch more acidity (which is a good thing when eating turkey) Its also a bit cheaper! If you chill it ever so slightly before the meal, it will be a nice wine that both red and white wine drinkers would enjoy.

As a side note, at first I was confused about looking for a Thanksgiving meal now (a month after thanksgiving) but then I realized you were a United Statesian (and thus celebrating American Thanksgiving at weird times)

As a further note, whatever wine you have, I hope you'll post your impression of it afterwards! (I know, I should be doing that too, I'm just lazy)

As a final further side note, welcome to the community!
and thus celebrating American Thanksgiving at weird times

heh :)

thanks for the suggestions, i'll look into those.
My advice: go Shiraz

Shiraz and Turkey is a food-wine match made in heaven (provided that you get a decent shiraz)

Shiraz is the Australian variant of the Petite Syrah grape. This is a red wine that should be bold in flavor. Australian wines are only beginning to get the "critical acclaim" that they deserve, so they are relatively inexpensive. Regardless, they are world class and the "Aussies" have a number of excellent winemakers that are starting getting competitive reviews with French and American reds in Wine Spectator.

Anyway, 2001 and 2002 are particularly good years for Shiraz in Australia. Depending on what part of the country you're living in, 2002 shirazes should be appearing in stores. (They're starting to trickle in to my local market).

Actually, Shiraz is the sub-equatorial name for true Syrah.

Petite Sirah (spelt with an 'i') is generally believed to be the American term for Durif, although has also been used for the even more obscure Peloursin grape. Both Durif and Peloursin however come from the same region (Rhone) as Syrah, which is probably where the Petite Sirah name developed.

Happy Drinking!